Sustainable focus on energy efficiency

Sustainability is no longer a buzzword. Reducing CO2 emissions together is a necessity. It takes a rock-solid conviction to go all out for this. Contributing to a world with zero emissions is the ambition of Project Zero. Manager Jan Cieters explains how he and his employees want to achieve that goal.

As a specialized wholesaler, Project Zero in Waregem focuses entirely on providing the right resources to promote the electrification of private homes and/or business parks. “We are ready for the professional energy installer with specific techniques and products to generate, store, manage, consume and save CO2-neutral power,” says Jan Cieters, manager of Project Zero.

Self-consumption at home

Project Zero works towards zero emissions based on 5 concrete objectives. For example, they focus on the production of energy using solar panels. You then store the generated energy using home batteries. Smart control, measurement and management of that flow also plays a role. Finally, they support consumption through charging stations and energy-saving LED lighting.

“We want to use these resources to achieve zero emissions and encourage energy installers, companies and private individuals to use energy smarter. We can still learn a lot, especially in the field of energy management,” says Jan Cieters. 

“This goes further than home automation where you can, for example, switch your heating or lighting on and off via an app. With Smappee you can use the electricity produced cost-effectively. If you add all these elements together, you arrive at our 5 pillars towards zero emissions: produce electricity, store electricity, manage energy, consume electricity and save electricity.”


Responding to developments

The techniques to achieve zero emissions and use energy more intelligently are constantly evolving. “It is a highly fluctuating market,” explains the manager of Project Zero. “A lot is changing in a short time. That's good, because the resources are getting better and better. Yet that is precisely what makes it difficult to look ahead 5 years. The technology will continue to grow, but you should not wait until you invest in intelligent energy management.”

While the motivation for sustainable technologies among private individuals was previously subsidy-driven, Jan Cieters today notices a change in mentality. “People understand that using energy and emissions wisely is important. Through Project Zero we encourage sustainable living, including by working CO2 neutrally. For example, we participate in PV Cycle, a program for the ecological recycling of photovoltaic panels.”

Use energy efficiently 

Today there is a momentum to offer charging stations for the energy installer. By tackling this in a qualitative and proactive manner, you as a wholesaler contribute to smarter energy management and limit power consumption. As a specialized supplier of zero-emission products, Project Zero will further develop its strengths in the coming years. 

“You have to work with the customer to achieve a good CeX – customer experience,” says Jan Cieters. The customer is central and we are a reliable partner.”

To achieve this good CeX with its energy installers, the Project Zero team focuses on:

  • Delivery reliability
  • Reach and approachability
  • Knowledge and experience
  • Flexibility

​Project Zero's experienced team
shares their knowledge about zero emissions
and smarter energy management through various training courses.

This is how they build strong relationships with customers.

“Customers feel like they are coming home here. 
We think that is important,” 
says Jan Cieters.

“We relieve them by guiding them to the right products and linking training to them. 
n this way, we arrive at suitable solutions together.”